Webkinz Endangered Western Lowland Gorilla
Judy ks

Webkinz Endangered Western Lowland Gorilla

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  • Comes with activation code for online games and a virtual version of this stuffed animal
  • You pick the name of your pet and determine whether it is a boy or a girl
  • After adoption, you are shown your pets room and can use your KinzCash to decorate; buy furniture, clothes and food from the W Shop.
  • Your pet relies on you to take care of it by monitoring the Happy, Health and Hunger meters
  • Each pet comes with it's own unique "Special Item" and "Special Food."
  • 10.5" tall

Each lovable plush pet comes with their own secret code used to enter Webkinz World,
where you can adopt, find out all about, and care for your new pet. You will also
have access to all games, activities and fun in Webkinz World! These are hottest toys
with the coolest website!